Here’s to a good 2014!

Well it’s been quite a year for rhythms of resistance and I though I’d share with you some of the highlights and wishes for the future that we added to our festive cider bottle tree at our final meeting of 2014.
2014 we enjoyed…
  • I liked meeting cool people and learning to playCider bottle Christmas tree
  • Band social time
  • Learning ragga was fun!
  • Princes street demo when we played the star wars theme
  • Teaching workshop at Monimail (Reclaim the fields)
  • It’s been really nice to keep the momentum going and hanging out with everyone through being involved with ROR
  • Ragga! Developing musically as a band
  • I enjoyed spending quality social time together (i.e Margos birthday) and…yeah! New peeps iz noice! 🙂
  • Weekend away at Ratho was fun
Next year…
  • We hit the streets, with six solids beats!
  • More action!
  • Strengthen links with London
  • It would be great if we managed somehow to achieve inclusivity with musical quality
  • I would like to see LonROR come up and having more all-day power boost sessions
  • I would like to play outside more, shift the balance towards more political action
  • I would like to get more people involved and complete the various flyers, posters, cards and crafty improvements, to drum!
  • more busking!
  • Longer/more practice time!
  • …more demonstrations
See you back in 2015 from Thursday 8th Jan…meeting every Thursday 6-8 in Forest Centre+ DSC_0497