Programme for the workshop weekend

RoRflyerfrontSaturday 28th
We will meet at 10:00 at the “Pi in the Sky” cafe at Kings Buildings. Directions below
After a short introduction to Rythms of Resistance and what we do in Edinburgh, we will have a look at the Samba instruments and how they are played.
After that the drumming will start. We plan to learn two tunes called “Funk” and “Custard” during the weekend together.
For lunch we will have a Bring and Share, so please bring some nice food to share.
On Saturday afternoon the “Tripod” activist training collective will offer a workshop on “Effective organising – tools for inclusivity and sustainability.”
After that: more Samba until we finish at 17:00
Sunday 29th
On Sunday we will meet at 12:00 in the Bongo Club. Directions below
During the morning we will practise some more “Funk” and RoRflyerBack“Custard” and maybe a third tune.
We will also have a chat about tactics, e.g. how to move at a demo and how to plan a gig.
After another bring and share lunch we will do more drumming and if we have time, introduce you to some of the
notation and how to read samba music.
We will finish at 16:00
Directions to the venues
Pi in the Sky cafeteria is located in a building called “KB House”, one of the University’s student unions, located within the University of Edinburgh King’s Buildings campus, Edinburgh EH9 3JF
A detailed map of the location is available here:  Pi in the Skye at KB House

The Bongo Club is located at 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JX
The entrance is located under an archway. Once inside please follow the signs to find our practise space.
A detailed map of the location is available here: The Bongo Club


All the tunes in MP3

A  homepage with all RoR tunes in MP3.  You can listen to all instruments extra, which is really useful to practise at home


We have learned to play the following:

Welfare State (Custard)


Angela Davies (James Brown)



Samba Reggae

…if you want to practise….



Join our samba workshop 28th & 29th September!

We have just had a whole pile of shiny new samba instruments delivered and we plan on making some noise with them.

Come and join us for a weekend samba extravaganza and learn the tricks of the trade.

Saturday 28th: 10am – 5pm

Sunday 29th: 12am – 4pm

All you need is yourself, enthusiasm and perhaps a few coins to contribute to the space costs.

Get in touch with us on 07581893162 or email us at

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