Upcoming Sessions

We meet regularly every Thursday and every first Saturday of the month so if the dates are old, don’t worry, we are still there!

Both are in the Forestcentre+. You’ll find the directions there on the Join us! site

The saturday sessions are especially nice for people who want to come along to try out drumming and get in contact with ROR, but you’re of cause also highly welcome to come on Thursday!

All you need is a bit of toilet paper to plug your ears cause it’s going to be loud!

Looking forward to see you all there!


Mnemonic for the Funk Tune

To make learning the tunes easier, we created mnemonics for the separate instruments for each tune with which to remind ourselves of the rhythms the instruments are playing.

Here’s the recording (mp3) of the mnemonics for the Funk tune.

The lines for the individial instruments are:

Surdos: I want to funk you, funk you right now.

Repenique: Funk funk funk funk funk funk funk, I like.

Snare:  There’s no mnemonic for the snare, we use to clap it.

Tamborim: I, want to, funk, you too.

Agogo: This is funk, i like it. This is funk, I like it.

Shaker: Hasn’t got a mnemonic either.